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May 01, 2024

Bert & Mark

by Southern Strokes

It's not easy to be horny after a bike ride and not have someone there to take care of it. Something sexy twinks Bert Kuna and Mark Troy know nothing about. Bert and Mark were exhausted from their long bike ride, but that's when their sexual urges kicked into high gear and they had to take care of them right away. The two jocks started rubbing themselves as they relaxed on the bed, but relaxing turned into cock grabbing, rubbing, and kissing. Both wanted more and pulled out their dicks. Mark was first to get his mouth wide open for service and used it on Bert's big meat. That didn't last long as Bert did the same for his friend before bending him for some anal pleasure. Mark was ready and took a good pounding from his fuck buddy until their balls were drained of cum.

By Southern Strokes

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May 01, 2024

Daniel & Donnan

by Bareback Me, Daddy!

Young Donnan goes down on his daddy and is rewarded with both a blow job and ass licking. Then Daniel takes the boy from behind and the two enjoy a standing bareback fuck. Daniel fucks the cum out of Donnan and then feeds the boy a mouth full of his own warm load.

By Bareback Me, Daddy!

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May 01, 2024

Tex's Tickle Pleasure

by Tickled Hard

22-year-old Tex slips out of his size 12 cowboy boots and ripped jeans, then lies down on the bed. While Franco ties up his arms, Tex describes being the central ticklee in a bondage experience with a group of his guy friends. Before he knows it, Franco begins tickling him in his armpits and socked feet. Tex bounces and swivels his hips, laughing softly with the tickling pleasure. He can't wipe the smile off his face as Franco tickles his torso and jerks his cock at the same time. Tex's whole body twists and red marks quickly appear everywhere Franco tickles him. Struggle as he might, there's no escaping when Franco tickles his sensitive inner thighs. Tex swings his legs back and forth and he bucks like a bronco when Franco tickles his smooth young feet. He even tries to reach around and tickle Franco's bare feet back!

By Tickled Hard

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May 01, 2024

Daily Grind


Des Irez and Ryder Owens work one of the worst morning rushes of their lives at a coffee shop. When Ryder admits he needs a way to relieve some stress, Des might know the perfect way to do so.


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May 01, 2024

Last Shoot With Sexy French Guy

by Bentley Race

Just over a year ago I met this cute French boy who was travelling around Australia. Over summer I got to meet up with Buzz Hardy one more time before he headed back to Europe. During hi time here I got him over for several hot session, both solo and with some of our mates. But for his last shoot I wanted to get some new solo photos and then make a video with me helping him get off. During the photoshoot we also got some hot nude photos out in the public stairwell. We finished up the shoot with me licking his hole making him blow a big load of cum. Buzz is a very sexy boy. I can see why all of my mates get in on the shoots with him.

By Bentley Race

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Apr 30, 2024

Nathan and Ryan Fuck

by Straight Fraternity

Nathan and Ryan meet for the first time and agree to push their limits while the camera rolls. Kissing leads to crotch rubbing, then stroking and sucking dick. Nathan rides Ryan's cock and cums on his chest. Once Ryan makes him lick it off, he puts Nathan on all fours and fucks the living daylights out of him. He shoots a big load on Nathan's back and rubs it in with his dick.

By Straight Fraternity

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Apr 30, 2024

Fresh Load, Editor's Cut

by Men At Play

Polish, blue-eyed, and monster cock Kayden Gray works at a laundromat for Andy Star. One day, while getting a suit ready for cleaning, he imagines what it would be like to be the man who wears the suit. The blue-collar worker slowly suits up and is turned on by the experience. He pulls out his cock through the suit pant and begins to jerk off. When the sexy Brazilian boss finds Kayden wearing the suit and playing with himself, instead of being mad, he is turned on. Andy wants a taste of Kayden’s meat and is soon gagging on the monster cock. Kayden bends Andy over the table and eats his ass, and stuffs a tie inside his hole. Finally, he slides his massive cock into the bottom's hole and fucks him good and hard. The feeling of Kayden’s hard cock against his prostate feels too good, and both suited studs blow their load.

By Men At Play

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Apr 30, 2024

CAUSA 806 Alfredo

by Club Amateur USA

So, way back in October 2017, Alfredo appeared on AdultFriendFinder. I like his pix & sent him a friend request. He indicated interest, and then, I never heard from him again. Fast forward to this week, and suddenly, Alfredo shows up in my DMs on AFF. I guess better late than never.

By Club Amateur USA

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Apr 30, 2024

Slick Dicking Rey Dominic

by Cade Maddox

Rey Dominic is a hot little fuck. Choking on my dick and backing his tight little pussy up on my cock. He's hard as a fucking rock the whole time and he milked the cum right out of me with his incredible ass.

By Cade Maddox

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Apr 30, 2024

Welcoming Christian to Campus

by Bi College Fucks

Last week, one of Ryder’s fantasies came true when, after getting himself worked up watching Jamie in some three-way action, she arrived to finish him off. Well we decided that the fantasy wasn’t yet exactly complete. This week, not only does he get Jamie, but he also gets to fuck Christian! Ryder absolutely shines when he’s in control and takes full advantage of getting two hot partners to dominate. Switching between both partners, he finally gets the full extent of his fantasy- tearing both into Jamie and Christian’s ass! As Ryder goes harder and deeper Christian trembles as he cums then offers his mouth for Ryder to unload in!

By Bi College Fucks

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Apr 30, 2024

Straight Irish Lad's 1st Man Wank

by English Lads

Young muscular teen Jenson James returns this week with a lad, Declan Forest, whom he recently met in the gym! Both of these young straight lads are boxers, except Jenson is heavyweight and Declan is lightweight class. Declan has ripped, defined, abs, lean muscle, and a slim physique. Meanwhile, Jenson has huge muscles and a well-built physique. Coincidentally, both lads are commando so stripping naked was particularly quick as they had no boxers with them! The lads have fun sword-fighting their naked uncut cocks together and wanking them together in one hand. Jenson is the first to get a rock-hard erection and Declan soon follows! Both have huge throbbing hard-ons when erect! After losing a game of rock, paper scissors, Declan is the first to wank Jenson!

By English Lads

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Apr 30, 2024


by Kristen Bjorn

John Rodriguez, Andrew Venice, The Blond Wolf: On the prowl for a hot 3-way, Andrew Venice, and The Blond Wolf spot John Rodriguez, who is always up for a hot and wild time, and make a connection with him. It does not take much persuasion for John to join the party and off they head to Andrew and Wolf’s place. Andrew and Wolf have struck the sex pot of gold with John. Always up for a good time, John has a fetish for couples and the guys are all over each other. Kissing, stripping, manhandling are all on the agenda, but when they find the hidden compartment in John’s pants, Andrew and Wolf know immediately this is going to be one to remember. John drops to his knees and does what he does best, service multiple cocks at the same time. John has two magnificent cocks that are hard and hungry for his delectable lips.

By Kristen Bjorn

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